• Nanny's Watch, Portland

    Equitable distribution of tourism profits

    Jamaica is a land with many riches and quite a few rich people. However, the country remains desperately poor. It is a land where the biggest net earner is probably the illegal drugs and black market trade followed by remittances, then tourism. We are a people who are, in...
  • Nanny's Watch, Portland

    Now is the time for serious land reform

    Land and the ownership of it is a touchy topic. From Scotland to Zimbabwe, the topic stirs many emotions and talking-points. From Guatemala to Vietnam we see where land reform can lead to violent conclusions. The situation in Jamaica is no different, where for centuries the topic of land,...
  • port_de_montego_bay

    The Budget: Jamaica has no time for a House of Jokers

    The recently passed 2017/18 budget was a messy affair culminating in a walkout by the Opposition, and the passage was only by the vote of the governing party. I am unable to recall if this exact circumstance has previously been specifically directed at a budget exercise or perhaps at...

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