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  • jamaican-money

    Focus on the budget’s real long-term targets

    The National Budget Estimates of Expenditure 2019/20 have been tabled in Parliament, and many other commentators and analysts have had their say. The main talking point has been the low growth projected for the period. This is compared to the promises of the Economic Growth Council of the target...
  • sunrise

    A life beyond Thunderdome

    “Out of the ruins; out from the wreckage; can’t make the same mistakes this time; We are the children, the last generation; we are the ones they left behind; And I wonder when we are ever gonna change; Living under the fear, till nothing else remains; We don’t need...
  • usain-bolt-2012-london-olympics

    Time for a strategy review, JAAA

    The recently concluded IAAF World Championships in London provided some important definitions and lessons for me and I hope for many others. Firstly, I wish to congratulate Dr. Hon. Usain Bolt for a major transformation in front of our very eyes. We may have only focused on some glory...
  • independence day

    Culture Interruptus

    The English language has been the adopted (forced) communication methodology of an enslaved people as Bob Marley said “stolen from Africa, brought to America”. Languages of the ancient Africans, not written but passed on by the words, and stories of the Griots, and storytellers, and repeated as legends about...
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    The Rhythm of War

    Music has, from the dawn of the history of the human race, been a constant source of motivation. From the early drums made of hollowed logs; stretched animal skins; stringed sounds from vines or animal intestines; to pianos and pipe organs; guitars; brass and wood wind; amplified synthesizers; and...
  • jamaican-money

    Investment – serious business that demands transparency

    The concept of gifts, loans, public/private partnerships (PPP), and investments, and the reluctance to define their true status in specific cases presents a clear opportunity for obfuscation and clouding of topics that should be transparent. The clarity is very necessary for accounting for public funds, and in many ways...

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