• jamaican-money

    Tax system is too corrupt!

      On the face of it, people really hate taxes, especially in Jamaica and similar countries where corruption is viewed as endemic. No one likes going to the pumps or supermarket and paying that GCT. We are especially upset when we see taxes attached to essential items such as...
  • crime word cloud

    What must new Police Commissioner George Quallo do?

    When the United States authorities in the coming months ask the Government of Jamaica to sign extradition papers for at least two Jamaican attorneys ripples will be sent throughout the legal fraternity in the island. The requests will also be another signal moment for law enforcement in Jamaica because...
  • Black-woman-sprinting

    Equal pay for women in sports – A myth

    Over the last couple of years there has been a hue and cry about the lack of equality in pay and compensation for professional female athletes. This came to a head when the United States Women’s Soccer Team began a concerted series of activities to bring this to the...
  • women in group of men

    Balancing our democracy – Part I

    Globally, the participation of women and men in formal or informal decision-making structures differs between countries and is generally male-dominated. Many factors contend — cultural, economic, social, institutional, political and other forces combine to actively limit women’s equal access to power and decision-making. The World Bank, in its 2012...
  • horses racing

    Claiming not selling

    Some misguided, or maybe forgetful, pundits have been calling for racing to return to the handicapping system. The forgetfulness from which they appear to suffer is that we were there before. Not only was that system easily manipulated by horses’ connections and handicappers alike, it helped to put the...
  • male athletes

    Urgent need for detailed research on school sports

    The question of professionalism in high school sports (both girls and boys) has been around from the 1960s and has also been a very hot topic for the past 30 years. This followed on the heels of whether or not the Olympic Games should continue to ban professional participants....

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