George HoSang

  • Condolences, congratulations, and other weighty issues

    My heart goes out to the family of Vassell “Jollyman” Najair after his untimely demise while trying his best to protect a thoroughbred race horse and the public from injury. If ever any single act can exemplify a life this one WAS “Jolly” Najair. He loved horses; loved horse...
  • horses racing

    From Roman Road to Highway 2000 (Part IV)

    When Titania won the Derby in 1974, David Vernon was still in charge of RJR’s commentary booth but the skill and artistry of George HoSang ruled the racetrack.  Titania (trained by Michael “Buddy” Silvera for Mrs. Hazel Chen) was the third filly to win the Derby and HoSang’s second...

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