• jamaican-money

    The transformative effect of incentives

      The transformative effect of incentives Over the past two weeks there has been a lively discussion on the value of the Jamaican dollar compared with the US dollar. This was catapulted to the forefront of some contention due to a statement/comment by Howard Mitchell, President of the P.S.O.J.,...
  • Tiger Woods, the NIDS ruling and Notre Dame

      The past week had two significant events viz. The Masters Golf Championship at Augusta, Georgia; and the ruling of our Court against the NIDS legislation. The two may seem to have no relationship to each other and certain principles. Firstly, congratulations to the great Tiger Woods who has...
  • horses racing


    The new racing promoter has taken some steps in the right direction. For example, I notice there has been an attempt to raise the value of claiming tags albeit only at the top end. A few races have been successfully offered for horses prepared to enter for claiming tags...

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