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    Regional integration could mean moving to Guyana and Suriname

    CARICOM, as is, is dead. It is going nowhere fast. What with all the animosity, regional tension, economic tension and social tensions, CARICOM as it relates to harmonising and developing relationships throughout the region, is dead. The sad reality is that in spite of our common history and shared...
  • hurricane

    Climate change, gender and persons with disabilities in small island developing states

    (This article was originally published by Indi McLymont-Lafayette and Petre Williams- Raynor in a booklet produced by FES Panos Caribbean )   Climate change is perhaps the single most devastating challenge facing small-island developing states (SIDS), among which Jamaica and the other islands of the Caribbean are counted. Among...
  • irma

    Small Island Developing States beyond the disasters

    I am writing this on Sunday, September 24 in the cool and green mountains of St. Andrew, and I can hear the warm-up sounds from the church across on the hillside that waft across the valley. I can hear the river running, and all seems like a wonderful Sunday...
  • commercial fishing

    Integrated climate change adaptation approaches in Grenada

    According to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), ocean acidification is the reduction in the pH of the ocean over an extended period of time. This is caused primarily by the uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the Earth’s atmosphere. The ocean is one of the Earth’s largest...
  • Flooding

    And now…the unreal soap opera #Jamaica

    The response to living in a stressful environment cannot be to continue to encourage the succession of crises that detract from important issues of State. Since my last article we have had several episodes of an unreal soap opera called Hashtag Jamaica. Just to be fair, the USA is...

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